September 5, 2011

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September 1, 2011

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I feel like I am the oldest person here. Any 20+ thinspo/weight loss blogs?








(I’m 24 btw, lol.)

24 here. So, glad I found this post. :) 


24 years old over here!

27 babe

21 here.

I’m ……….. 23<3

21 :)

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Fresh Start, New Me.

Yes, So i know that the majority of people start with this and never go through with doing it, or even changing there lives at all. Normally it would last a week with me and I would slowly slip into my old routine and the weight I have slowly lost begins to pile back on. I guess you could say I enjoy to eat, but I don’t eat the right things. 

So I’am using tumblr as way to get things wrote down, thoughts, feelings and total ramblings, to record 365.242199 Days, 52.177457 weeks, 8 765.81277 hours and 525 948.766 minutes of my life, progress and achievements, which will also involve my goals and challenges. 

For my benefit I will be posting things that will help 

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